How To Backdate Medium Posts

Photo by Dafne Cholet

According to this help article Medium can import blog posts and keep the original post dates. But, if you write (or copy & paste) the article into medium the date of the post will be the day you click ‘publish’. There is NO WAY to backdate a post a written post. Only by using ‘Import Story’ can you keep an original date.

I wanted to back-port all my blog posts into Medium and keep the original post dates. But, I don’t use WordPress for my blog. I use Jekyll and I control the layout but I didn’t know what to add.

The help article says it uses the original published date found in the meta-data. I assumed this meant meta-data tag in the <head> of the html. But, in WordPress there is no `publish date` in the head meta. This confused me.

The term `meta-data` is referring to a specific class on a div in the html.

I changed the date section of my layout to the following:

<div class=”postmetadata”>
Posted on <span class=”updated”>Jan 15, 2016</span>

Upon doing this the article then retains it’s original date.

Note: Medium does some type of caching of imported articles. If you import an article without the `postmetadata`, then delete it, add the `postmetadata` and then import it again, the date will not be there.

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